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End of Lease Option

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Important Lease-End / Lease Renewal Information

At the normal end of a lease, you own the following options:
  • Re-lease a NEW Infiniti vehicle
  • Purchase your current Infiniti lease vehicle
  • Trade your current Infiniti for another NEW Infiniti model
  • Return your vehicle to Infiniti of Tampa & walk away

Be careful of your lease-end decision:
Don't make a quick decision as to which lease-end option you'll take. For example, if you simply return your vehicle to Infiniti without doing your homework, you may be handing them built-in value that belongs to you. (The market value is often higher than the end of lease value stated on your contract.)

  • But what if you have exceeded your mileage limits or have some minor damage to your vehicle?
  • Is it best to return, or to purchase?
  • When is it advisable to use your leased vehicle as a trade-in?
  • If you trade, do you still have to pay for excess mileage and wear-and-tear?
  • Does purchasing a NEW Infiniti void paying mileage and damage fees?

Answering the above questions and deciding what to do requires a little homework, careful consideration of all your options, presented by a qualified lease professional. Remember, it's just as important to make the right decisions at the end of a lease as it was at the beginning. Each situation is different and must be examined on its own merits. There is no standard answer that fits every case.
We can offer expert advice to help you in the right decision that fits your situation.

You have OPTIONS at the end of your current lease, let's look at the options.

1) Lease a comparable vehicle or new model
The Infiniti vehicle lineup has never been stronger with new models that offer outstanding lease values.

Owner Loyalty (Preferred Customer Retention Program) substantial cash for current Infiniti owners towards the lease of any new model may be available. To qualify, you must provide current registration of any Infiniti vehicle that you own or lease.
(You do not need to trade the vehicle.)
Click here for our online application for easy approval.  You may be pre-approved.
Infiniti Financial Services may have pre-approved you for a NEW Infiniti lease or retail finance. You may qualify for waiver of security deposit & up to $500 of excess wear & tear/excess mileage charge on your current lease.

2) Trade your lease vehicle

Use the built-in value of your current lease vehicle as a trade for a new Infiniti model. Trading eliminates the mandatory lease-end inspection and excess mileage/wear and tear monies due. Loyalty cash for current Infiniti owners towards the lease of a New model may be available. To qualify, you must provide current registration of the Infiniti vehicle that you intend to trade. We have an online appraisal page to give you an estimate of trade value.

Buy your current vehicle
  • If you simply can't bear to part with your Infiniti vehicle at the end of the lease term, you can exercise your purchase option and buy the vehicle AS-IS from Infiniti of Tampa.
  • You pay the guaranteed future value as listed on your vehicle lease contract plus a small purchase option fee, sales tax & a tag/title transfer.
  • We may be able to assist you in financing.
  • Lease-end value discounts may be available from Infiniti Financial Service.

3) Return your vehicle, and walk away

If you decide to return your vehicle at the end of your lease, please review your lease agreement carefully. Make sure you understand your contractual obligations. A certified inspection company will provide you with an assessment of excessive vehicle wear & tear, if any. Contact Infiniti of Tampa at 866-295-1790 to schedule a complimentary, but required vehicle inspection.
Upon return of your vehicle, you'll be responsible for the following:
  • Excess mileage charges maximum mileage is listed on your lease agreement
  • Any official fees and state taxes due
  • Any outstanding payments
  • Excess wear and use charges - if your vehicle has sustained damage that is not a result of normal wear and use
  • Registration fees
  • All keys & remotes, spare tire, navigation disc, etc.

The return process

If you decide to return your vehicle, drop off at Infiniti of Tampa regardless of the Original selling dealer, NO appointment is necessary
  • Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • please remove all personal belongings and have the vehicle cleaned inside and out.
  • Your tag will be removed at the lease grounding.
  • Remember, you will need to coordinate a ride to home or work from Infiniti of Tampa
  • A final bill stating monies owed will be mailed to you from Infiniti Financial Services.
  • A Return survey and Odometer Disclosure Statement (as required by federal law) will be generated at Infiniti of Tampa. (You may download a copy of the return Survey and fill out prior to the return.

Early termination or other questions concerning your current lease, call Infiniti Financial Services quick information line - 800-777-7018

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